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twasnme - Star Trek: The Next Generation
Video > HD - TV shows
1.22 TiB (1339036935291 Bytes)
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Star Trek TNG The Next Generation
2015-02-23 12:46:53 GMT

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Source: Blu-Ray discs
Video: Untouched 1920x1080
Audio: Untouched English 7.1
Subtitles: None
Metadata: Cover art, episode info
Containner: Matroska

Be very patient, upload is slow, but I will seed until the torrent can survive on its own


Availability = 0.000
Not sure if anyone's seeding, but please do if you can. I recently got unlimited data cap so I'm seeding all my torrents 24/7 (and will include this one of course). My upload speed is 1MB/s (~10mb/s)
Thanks for the upload twasnme :)
Proof of my seeding (my server is constantly downloading at full speed (3MB/s) and uploading at full speed (1MB/s) so that's why there's more downloads than uploads):
Hello, I just found out about this torrent and I will gladly seed it for several weeks. My request is the following: please keep seeding until I get home in about a week and can start downloading. This blu-ray series is extremely rare and I still can't believe I actually found an untouched version. I possess uncapped gigabit ethernet (1000Mbit/s) with >100MB/s upload speed and will have my server seed 24/7. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
I'm stuck at 47,2%, downloaded almost a half in 2 days. could you please seed just for a few more days? Thanks. I'm seeding this half 24/7 for your insight.
Torrent seems stuck. There is a seed but the upload is extremely slow. In two weeks, only 2% movement.
OK friends, this has been a big one: I have seeded this for 8 months - there are 60 people with 100%, so it's now your job to keep it alive. It would be a shame not to seed and let a torrent of this size simply die.

Here is the next one:
FWIW, I am also at 100% and I've seeded this for some time. I'm seeding at this very moment even though "Seeders:" (above) shows "0"--I've no clue why given I know I am successfully seeding to 10+ peers.
Great work, 1,2TB of fun :)
Hey guys,

I've finished this huge one. I'm gonna try to upload it to a file sharing service so that we can easily download it. If you know some free hosting service enough to host it, please let me know.