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War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) [1080p] English
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2017-10-12 19:41:36 GMT

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Video/Audio quality are great; however, there's no hard-coded subtitles for when the Apes talk/sign to each other. Major dialogue is lost and the movie doesn't make sense. :(
thanks.. wish it had the ape subtitles... since Trump I've been brushing up on Ape talk , but still not there.
There is english subtitles available for the apes only at yifysubtitles they match perfectly to this release
Like the average pirate is going to hard code their own subs.

No idea why this is such an issue. If you're going to upload a movie from this series, at the very least, hardcode the damn sign language in english.

Getting a torrent for these is a fucking nightmare.
@NoChanceWithoutPasta, you must be using a very old medium to play your movies if they do not support external subtitles in the form of srt. They do not need to be hard coded learn how to watch media correctly.

Example on PC every freaking media player supports .srt my TV supports them hell even my media player on my phone supports them.
Amazing they spend time doing the upload yet they cant add the @#@# ape subtitles.
Screw you Monkey man and your movie.
and screw you Anonymous.
You folks know you can download subtitles at Yify's subtitle page, right?
why is everyone bitching about yify and skulls? this is uploaded by anonymous... you're lucky it isn't a damn virus.. idiots

good quality movie. Bah who need to know what the monkeys are talking about when they sign language. Just make it up along the way

First of all, you spelled your name wrong:

It's KOTEX because your as close to a cunt as one could possibly get.

Secondly, you're a stupid fucking cunt if you can't use .srt files.

Holy fuck I bet your father looks at your mother every day and says "I wish she had swallowed that load that night years ago - now I've got to live with this stupid, shit for brains idiot of a son forever".
you live in your parents basement and make minimum wage.

Ehhh another bad early release. I dont get why ppl dont go to

you can stream and download movies and put on torrent, it has the best quality i have seen so far and
it's also dmca protected. You can even put subs. Hope I could help, cheers :)